Yeah, what about that. Well, eventually, probably, maybe, we’ll be able to have it in each house. It’s not low cost enough for us to do that yet. So, we bought a temporary building to be a WI-FI house next to Owl House, pretty much equidistant from all the rental houses. If you’d like to use WI-FI, you check out a numbered key from the office or request one when you make your reservation. The key has a horrid, great four inch by eight inch, ¾ inch thick fob painted bright red attached to it. We hope it’s too big to fit in a pocket and too ugly to get misplaced. Anyone in your house can use the key, 24 hours a day. Lights are on a motion detector. If the lights go out, wave at the ceiling.

There’s a printer in the WI-FI house: you can pick up a few sheets of paper in the office or buy a ream if you’re going to make lots of copies. There are chairs for 12 people. No pets in the WI-FI House, no children and no food. Drinks in sipper containers are fine. No smoking, needless to say. If we only clean it once a week, the cost stays low. If we have to clean up messes every day , the cost goes up, and up, and up…..

Eventually, we’ll have WI-FI in all the houses, if we’re still in business by then. Then we’ll pick up the WI-FI house, install a loft with a ladder and some kids’ furniture and put it in the children’s playground as a play house.

There will be a fee of $20 if you fail to return the key and key fob to the office or leave it in the house before your departure.