Rancho Jacona is a favorite place for family reunions. It’s quiet, pleasant, clean for the adults in the family. It’s well equipped for those who are planning the meals. It’s safe for the children—except for the dangers children create for themselves. And, if it’s done in accordance with our recommendation, it’s trouble free.

     1. Availability: The family reunion organizer, the one who takes care of the basic plan, should phone Rancho Jacona to find out what houses are available at the time the reunion is planned. If more than two houses are wanted, the plan should be made at least six months to a year in advance to assure availability.
    2. How many houses: Each house has an occupancy limit, that is, how many people the house will comfortably hold—including roll away beds and futons for children. The organizer determines which houses will be needed and pays the deposit—often after collecting from the families who will be attending.
    3. The organizer READS THE CONFIRMATION CAREFULLY, CHECKING TO BE SURE DATES AND HOUSES ARE CORRECT. Then, no later than one month before the date of the reunion the organizer emails to Rancho Jacona a list of the people (and pets) who will be in each house, not omitting him or herself, with the email address or postal address of each family or individual.
    4. Two weeks before the reunion Rancho Jacona emails or mails to each family or individual the following:
        a. Driving instructions for getting here.
        b. Vital information such as:
            ii. The office closes at 6:00 p.m., Rancho Jacona is not a hotel with hotel type services,
            iii. A list of the attendees and the houses they will occupy will be mounted on the outside of the office door the afternoon they are to arrive.
        c. Suggestions for particular sections of our website they should read in advance, particularly if they are bringing children or people needing wheelchairs, etc.
        d. A copy of our Pet Policies if they are bringing pets.
    5. The organizer pays the balance the day after arrival, preferably on one credit card. We can provide the occupancy sheet that shows the charges for each house, including tax.
    6. Yes, all of this is necessary. Twenty two years of hosting family reunions has taught us that it is necessary. There is sufficient redundancy to assure that almost everyone will get the message. There is sufficient notice to assure that ninety-five percent of those attending will get here with no trouble, find the proper house, and settle in happily. The other five percent will still pay no attention, call at eleven at night, wake up the owner, and tell her they are lost, get angry because there is no WIFI in the house, and ask where the bar is. If you have no such people in your family, you are indeed blessed. .