The pool is an outdoor one, which means we wait until the weather is reliably fairly warm before opening it— usually around May 15. We keep it open in the fall until either cold weather or falling leaves make it impossible to keep clean. The pool is cleaned daily, first thing in the morning. We have, according to the pool examiners, one of the cleanest ones they have seen, and we take pride in that. The pool is heated. It is available 24 hours per day. It has no lifeguard.



THE POOL: The area around the pool and behind Rooster House is fenced to keep unaccompanied little children and dogs out and to provide a safe zone for peahens and their chicks (where the dogs can't get at them). State regulations provide that pools must be enclosed and that dogs cannot be allowed in swimming pool enclosures. This applies to all dogs, big, little, lap dogs—every dog except recognized and licensed assistance dogs. There are no "hours" of pool operation. If you like to swim at night, there is subdued lighting, but keep in mind that the nearest houses may be occupied by people trying to sleep. Splash quietly. One of our former guests, who was told he could not let his black lab swim in the pool, took the dog into the pool at night, thinking no one would notice. The filter traps are cleaned every morning. Dog hair is a dead giveaway, and he was charged for the three day shut-down and water change required by state regulations. One day to empty, one half day to clean, one day and a half to fill and heat. [The dog owner told us he was never coming back, and we told him we had already decided that.]

Families MUST be responsible for their children. Young children using the pool should be accompanied by a responsible family member— not simply a slightly older child. Since the pool is for use by all guests, we do not allow cooking or partying by individuals or families in that area. There are two paths to the pool, one from the south houses coming over the little bridge, down stairs and across the lawn; the other, ramped for wheelchair, from the driveway, through the hedge north of Rooster House. Both these have gates with latches that are out of the reach of little children. BE SURE THE GATES ARE LATCHED AT ALL TIMES!

Taking food to the pool is fine, but no glass and no rigid plastic, both can be broken leaving shards that cut. Keep food and drink away from the water, don't spill anything slippery, and take it all away with you when you leave, INCLUDING WRAPPERS, CANS, SACKS, BOXES. Put these things in the garbage cans at your house so that other guests do not have to consider them part of the scenery.

State regulations forbid glass or rigid plastic around the pool. Flexible plastic containers are allowed and are not dangerous.

State regulations forbid dogs (all dogs, leashed or not) in the pool enclosure. That means anywhere inside the fence.

State regulations forbid babies in diapers in the pool.

The pool was not designed for head first diving!!! It is not deep enough to do so safely. Please, watch children, monitor their behavior.