The office at Rancho Jacona has a free lending library, quite a good one, of DVDs and VHSs in all categories from G to R. We also have games, jig saw puzzles, children’s books, and some children’s toys. The office is open (though not staffed) from eight am to six pm each day.

We do ask that parents, please, do the checking out and returning and that they accompany children to the office. Young children often do not recognize that people on the phone or answering emails cannot hear or think over several excited young voices arguing about whether they “Did too see that one, it was the other one you didn’t see yet, and you are too a pig.”

The procedure is simple: take no more than two DVDs or VHSs at a time and bring them back within 24 hours. No more than two puzzles or games, only one toy at a time, but these may be kept as long as they are being used. Sign the items out on the check out sheet, LEGIBLY, giving your name, house, date, and what you are taking. When you return them, run a SINGLE line through your “borrowing” entry. That tells us the items are back in inventory without making the entry illegible. We like to keep track of what items are popular and which should be removed because nobody wants them. If you forget to return items, it tells us in what house we should search for them. If the items are not in inventory, not in your house, we email you. Occasionally certain DVDs and small toys have been found in children’s suitcases.

The “no more than 2 DVDs or VHSs” rule prevents any one house from accumulating an unfair share, particularly of the newer or more popular films. There is no limit on total borrowing: they can be exchanged every hour during the time we’re open, just no more than two at a time.