Each house has adequate parking for the inhabitants of that house. Each house has concrete bumper stops, one for each car. The Fire Marshall walked the property with us and approved parking that keeps fire lanes open and does not block gates or access for hoses. Bumper stops were put where cars are supposed to be parked. It is not suggested that people park there, it is required for their safety and the safety of others.

Also, bumper stops require that the car be parked with the front or rear bumper at the stop., not sideways across two or three stops. One should never park in a driveway, blocking other cars. One should not park blocking a gate. There is extra parking in the main parking lot. There is extra parking in the pasture to the left of the drive as one enters the property. There are two or three extra parking places in the lot next to Owl House which can be used by anyone in Frog, Lizard, Turtle, or Owl.

When a guest receives a confirmation, it is accompanied by a map showing the house rented and the parking for that house. If more cars are expected than parking spaces are shown for, please find out where other cars may be parked before they arrive and check to be sure they are there, after they arrive. A car blocking a fire engine in the middle of the night is no fun for anyone.