We do not pretend to be what we are not. We have no concierge, no message takers, no errand runners, no dog walkers, no room service, no full time “office” personnel. We do not have maid service. We do not provide linen changes unless you’re staying ten nights or more.

Persons who want their dog walked, their hair styled, fresh towels every day and the bed turned down at night with a specially wrapped mint on the pillow should patronize any one of the marvelously luxurious hotels in Santa Fe. They do the whole dog-walk—hair salon—mint thing very nicely. It’s expensive, of course, but if that’s what you want, that’s where you should go. That’s not Rancho Jacona. If you’re willing to settle for “beautiful, clean, comfortable, inexpensive, and quiet” then we’re for you.

Rancho Jacona’s eleven rental casitas and casas near Santa Fe are scattered on 35 acres of farm land north of Santa Fe. Our deed goes back to the early 1700s, and so do all or parts of some of our houses. The houses vary in size from studios (one large room for living and sleeping plus separate kitchen and bath) to a four bedroom, four bath house with a dining able that seats twelve. Large or small, each of them has what’s needed for a convenient and restful vacation. Kitchens are complete and well equipped. Each house provides four kinds of soap (personal, kitchen, dishwasher, and laundry) plus paper products (toilet tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, and coffee filters). All bathrooms have hair dryers. We do not salvage our kitchen equipment or dishes from Used Stuff stores. Dishes match. Wine glasses and corkscrews are provided (we said we weren’t fancy, we didn’t say we weren’t civilized.) Washer driers are in every house, along with an iron and ironing board. Every house has TV VCR /DVD and in the office there’s a free DVD film library (also games, jig saw puzzles, children’s books) with many films for all ages—this can be a life saver if you’ve been sight-seeing all day and the kids—or your spouse—are hungry and tired. )

Kitchens have full size stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, garbage disposers, dish-washers, toasters, coffee-makers. If you’re really into cooking, you can request things like blenders, mixers, slo-cookers, coffee grinders. You’ll find cookie sheets, muffin pans, pots and pans, baking pans, utensils. You will not find anything edible except eggs once in a while when the chickens lay enough to go around. Please don’t ask for them if you’re going to bake with them or put “stuff” in them. These are free range, fresh eggs. If you’re not going to taste them, don’t waste them: use the battery eggs from the market for your French Toast. We said we’re not a hotel, and we’re also not McDonalds. We don’t stock things like salt and pepper and mustard, etc. If you find salt in the shaker, the last guest filled it, we didn’t. (Be sure it’s salt before you use it. Some kids do really weird things.)

All patios have patio furniture and charcoal grills, but you have to bring your own charcoal and lighter, or pick some up at the local market, five minutes away. All beds have GOOD mattresses. All houses are clean. There’s a small grocery store five minutes away in Pojoaque, along with a hardware store, pharmacy, liquor store, and a bank.

Add to that, it’s a pretty place, with peafowl roaming around and goats and sheep and burros to feed and geese to watch and chickens to lay eggs—these aren’t battery chickens that kill themselves in a few months laying an egg a day, they’re just nice, ordinary farm chickens that lay eggs when they darned well feel like laying eggs. There’s a pretty old pool (okayed by the state Environmental Department every year.) There’s a playground for the little children. There are gardens and fruit trees (that actually have fruit on them when the weather does NOT freeze the blooms in April) There are friendly dogs and cats that are friendly when the mood strikes them—you know how cats are. It’s a safe place for children, but please read the children’s section in the BIBLE, the information book that’s on the coffee table in each house, before you turn the children loose. It will tell you what your children should watch out for.

It’s a safe place for your pets (we send you a copy of our pet policies) and it’s safe for women traveling alone. No lurkers. No gangs. No drive-thru harassers. We discourage visitors without appointments, because there’s no way to casually drive through—if you turn down that driveway, the only way you can get out is to turn around—and we don’t want a lot of traffic around the children and pets. That’s why we don’t print directions or maps on our website. Walks are well lighted so there’s none of that “Wow, it’s really dark out in that parking lot,” kind of feeling.

There are inside pictures of all the houses on the website. The houses are as we said, fun, colorful, comfortable, and clean. You’ll like them.