Leave Rancho Jacona by driving west on 502, turn north onto New Mexico 30N, toward Santa Clara.On your right you will pass the Black Mesa (A Black Mesa, of which there seem to be at least a dozen in the state. This one is sacred to the San Ildefonso people.) You will go through the Santa Clara Pueblo on your way north. Santa Clara is famous for its pottery. Many of the potters have signs along the road if you want to drop in to shop. Genuine Pueblo pottery is expensive, though the return per hour of labor is rather low. Indian potters do not “buy” their clay, they dig it. In Espanola, turn north on 84—on the west side of the Rio Grande—and continuing north on state highway 84 to Abiquiu. (Abby-cue). Another few miles will take you to the Ghost Ranch Museum and to Echo Amphitheatre. Interesting stops along the way are the Abiquiu Inn Restaurant and Gift Shop, the Ghost Ranch Lodge, Abiquiu Lake, and Echo Canyon Park. Information on tours of the Georgia OKeefe House is available at the Abiquiu Inn and the Ghost Rancho Lodge. (It is our understanding that this needs to be done well in advance, as the groups are small.)

At Echo Canyon a short hiking trail leads you to an area where one’s echo is multiplied; great fun for children or anyone who likes the sound of his or her own voice (don’t we all!)

If you don’t stop on the way, a little over an hour will take you to Georgia O’Keefe country. She painted the scenery, especially Pedernal Mountain. Let that be an inspiration to you!